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Delhi Hair Clinic was established in 1996 by Dr.Sanjay Garg. The main and utmost objective is a correction of baldness problem including men and women. We provide the best hospitality to our patients at an affordable price. Dr.Sanjay Garg who was the founder having more than 20 years of experience, we have the expertise and professional panels of the Doctors and the Surgeons across the country. we have more than 5000 satisfied and happy patients across the Nation. Hair Transplant treatment is a simple surgical process which involves the shifting of hair follicles usually from the back sides of the head which are called donor site and implanted to the area having less or no hairs which are called recipient site.This is the permanent solution to the baldness problem but if taken from the registered and reputed clinic like Delhi hair clinic only expertise professionals perform surgeries. Most of the clinics offer the treatment with FUT techniques, this technique involves the risk of pain and scars but in Delhi Hair Clinics we offer the treatment with one of the latest and advanced Bio FUE techniques, No pain and scars have been left after the treatment. This will helps you to get your natural black hairs for the lifetime.we are not only best in service but we are also best in infrastructure which is totally supported by executive management.


Delhi hair clinic is not only best in hair transplant surgery we are also provide several kind of treatment and we are best in eyebrow hair transplant traetment, beard hair transplant treatment, body hair transplant treatment, Moustache hair transplant treatment. We believe in quality not in price, we have purpose to serve our patients with the utmost satisfaction and affordable cost of treatment.


Dr. Sanjay Garg

MBBS General Surgeon

AHRS Member

20+ years of experienced

3000+ Surgeries done


Dr. Lovely Garg

MBBS General Surgeon

AHRS Member

14+ years of experienced

2000+ Surgeries done

Experienced Doctor's. Best Surgery Team
More than 5000+ Surgery 100% Result Gurantee
No Scar, No Marks Grafts Counting Option
Every Single Hair Will Grow Life Time Gurantee
Free online consultation Free Accomodation
Hair Transplant Package Rs. 19,800/-
2000 Grafts Blood Test
PRP Therapy 1 Week Medicine
Accomodation Disposals
Guranteed Results within 6 months Including taxes


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