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Hair Transplant Cost

Delhi hair clinic is managed by renowned Dr. Sanjay Garg, who has over 20 years of experience in Hair transplant and Hair Surgery therefore, has successfully done more than 3000 surgeries. Delhi Hair clinic understands the problems associated with hair loss and are dedicatedly providing the most suitable solution at the most affordable price. This can be easily seen by the large number of happy and satisfied customers over the years.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Hair Transplant

Due to lack of good doctors and clinics, many clinics charge a high amount for treatments and this generally causes people not to opt for such surgeries or transplant. However, Delhi Hair clinic understands this issue and thus, have kept their treatment affordable with latest equipments.

Currently following transplants and surgeries are done at the clinic:
• FUE hair Transplant This treatment involves extraction of a strip of hair bearing skin from the permanent zone of the scalp and transplanted in the bald patch. There is no need of closing the donor area by stitches.
• FUT hair transplant In this method follicular units are picked and extracted individually from the donor part on the basis of best quality and then transplanted in the recipient area at adequate depth, distance and angle to give natural appearance to patient.
• Male Hair Transplant
• Beard Hair Transplant
• Moustache Hair Transplant
• PRP therapy
• Hair Loss

Normally, the cost of these treatments depend upon many factors. Some of them are as following:
• The area and extent of baldness.
• Number of sessions required for treatment.
• Number of grafts required to cover the patch.
• Method and technology required for transplant or surgery
• Any additional therapy required post surgery

There are some other costs which might also be included in treatment, like:
• Surgeon fee
• Operation Theatre charges
• Accomodation charges
• Medication charges, if applicable

Patients can visit the clinic for a pre diagnostic of their hair condition, basis on which the exact cost of treatment can be informed.