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FUE Hair Transplant

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) which is also known as follicular transfer (FT) is a commonly used technique of hair transplant. It is one of the two methods of obtaining follicular units, naturally occurring of one to four hairs, for hair transplantation. It is a modern method of hair transplantation.

In Delhi Hair Clinic, Dr.Sanjay Garg along with his experienced team of surgeons extracts hair follicles from donor’s area and transfers it to the recipient area on their scalp. The implantation is done using a powerful stereo microscope in groups of one to four hair, just as they grow in nature. The transfer of hair follicles is done using a specialized extraction instrument less than 1mm in diameter. It is a minimally invasive, surgical procedure where the patient remains conscious the whole time.

FUE is different from FUT where the scalp is too tight for a strip excision and enables a hair transplant surgeon to harvest finer hair from the nape of the neck which is used at the hairline or for eyebrows. It is different from other techniques of hair transplant. This technique does not leave any scars or any other noticeable changes. FUE leaves some initial bleeding but usually recovers within 7 days. The results possible are of the highest quality and naturalness and undetectable which is the most significant advantage.

What makes FUE so remarkable is the way hairs are implanted: experienced doctors carefully map your hair growth before implantation so they know where and on what angle to place each follicle. It is an exacting process that takes a lot of experience and expertise. This is the highest-quality hair transplant available. As this is your natural hair, just moved from place to place, it will grow exactly as your normal hair and is permanent.

Infinite cases of hair transplant have already been done thus, excellence is the key fact at Delhi Hair Clinic!.