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Hair Transplant in Rohtak

Hair Transplant emerges out as the “light end of the tunnel “ for the people who are suffering from long term baldness and are looking to cure this problem but didn’t get any satisfactory treatment for the same, Hair Transplant is the perfect option for them, In last few years Rohtak has witnessed a impressive rise in the number of Hair Transplant Surgeries, but when it comes to select the best Hair Transplant in Rohtak the situation becomes frustrating and annoying as there are massive number of hair transplant clinics in Rohtak that claim to provide the hair transplant surgery but actually, fail to do so. If you are looking for a hair transplant surgery in Rohtak at cheap and affordable cost, then Delhi Hair Clinic will be the best option for you.

Delhi Hair Clinic is under the Expert Supervision of Professional and Experienced Surgeon Dr. Sanjay Garg who holds a nice track record of accomplishing more than 2000 successful hair transplant surgeries and is famed for gratifying patients with quality treatment.

Hair Transplant Cost in Rohtak:

“What is the Cost of Hair Transplant??” and “How much it will cost to have my hair transplant surgery”? these are some of the most common frequently asked questions by a patient before going for a hair transplant surgery, but DHC offers a very flexible and economical per graft cost of hair transplant surgery thus making it available for everyone to get the best hair transplant surgery. The average per graft cost of Hair Transplant in Rohtak is Rs 25 per graft but we serve you the optimum hair transplant surgery at lowest per graft cost of Rs. 12 per graft thus making us the first choice for the hair transplant surgery and imparts a auxiliary value than our competitors.To Get Know more about the cost of Hair Transplant Surgery Visit Our Cost Section you can get the average cost of hair transplant surgery.

There are certain factors that decide the cost of hair transplant surgery like the Grafts Requirement of the patients and Level of the Baldness the patient is suffering for, The estimated cost of Hair Transplant Surgery is calculated by the grafts requirement of the patient and per grafts cost charged by the Clinic.You can calculate the Number of Grafts Requirement by our Graft Calculator Section