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Hair Transplant in Patiala

With the increase in standards of living and improving lifestyles, Hair Transplant in India had gone to a peak in past few decades. The majority of the Population is suffering from Baldness Problem and Hair Transplant emerges out as the best alternative solution to tackle this baldness problem. But having a hair transplant surgery isn’t a cinch, there are numerous factors that are required to be kept in mind before going for the Surgery. When it comes to find a hair transplant clinic in Patiala it turns out to be a wicked problem. Delhi Hair Clinic is the first choice for a person looking for a hair transplant surgery in Patiala. Our Expertise knowledge and deep understanding of this sector makes us one of the most trustworthy and desired hair transplant clinics in Patiala..

Delhi Hair Clinic offers a foremost hair transplant surgery with advanced FUE & FUT Techniques ensuring a safe and reliable surgery to the patients. The Clinic is under the expert supervision of Dr. Sanjay Garg, who holds a tremendous record of accomplishing more than 2000 successful hair transplant surgeries, Our Surgeons and Technicians are well trained and professionals thus ensures a hygienic and healthy environment to the patients. Our outstanding services and deep understanding of the domain makes us stand way ahead of our competitors.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Patiala

Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery is one of the major concerns for the person looking for a hair transplant surgery. The Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery depends entirely on the grafts requirements of the patients and the level of Baldness the person is suffering from. The average per unit graft cost in Patiala is around 25 -30 Rs per graft but, Delhi Hair Clinic offers a hair transplant surgery at a nominal per graft cost of Rs 12 per graft. To know your grafts requirement visit our Grafts Calculator Section.

So to get rid of your Baldness Problem, Contact Us and Schedule your appointment from our panel of Experienced Surgeons and Doctors.