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Hair Transplant in Srinagar

Hair problems are quite common in India especially and there are many people who are facing this problem. If you are facing critical issue with hair and looking for the best hair transplant in Srinagar then you will feel good to know that there are many hair transplant centers in Srinagar.

Punjab is the heart of the country and there are many big hospitals where you can get India’s best medical facility. So if you are from Srinagar than rather going for hair implantation in Srinagar you can visit Bathinda for Hair transplant. In Punjab, you might get many clinics for hair transplant but DELHI HAIR CLINIC is a very popular hair transplant clinic. They have years of experience and successfully transplant hair of more than 5000 people. Here in Delhi hair clinic, you will able to get good hair implantation with affordable price of Rs.12 per graft.

Different Hair Grafting centers in Srinagar:

You might look for a clinic for hair transplant in Srinagar but as per my point of view, Bathinda is very remarkable for hair transplant and for any type of hair problems. In Bathinda, you will get many hair transplant surgeons those who have years of experience.

Among all clinics, Delhi hair clinic is good in all corners. They used advanced equipment those all are imported from abroad to make all surgeries successful. Apart from advanced tools and equipment, here in Delhi hair clinic, you will get assistance in every respect from the best team of hair transplant surgeons led by India’s top hair transplant surgeon Dr. Sanjay Garg and Dr. Lovely Garg who has more than 20 years’ experience in hair grafting.

How much time does it require to get cured?

Hair transplant usually is a scar less and painless treatment and no excessive bleeding or stitching is found in this process. A hair implantation takes around 4 to 8 hours and it doesn’t usually take a long time to get cured. Rather your hair follicles and the grafts will get strengthen within one to two weeks. It takes around 10 days for the donor zone to look completely cured and for gaining long hair to cover the area of donor it will take few weeks.

Pricing for Hair Transplant in Srinagar:

If you are from Srinagar and looking for hair transplant at Srinagar then I am sure you have to pay more as compared to Delhi hair clinic and you will not get proper hospitalization there. So it is better to transplant hair in Delhi hair clinic where you will get better medication and care from very experienced surgeons.

If you have decided to hair transplant in Punjab then hurry as Delhi hair clinic is now giving a discount on hair transplant and all types of hair solution. Now you can transplant 2500 grafts only at Rs. 29,800. This price is unbeatable and you will not get anywhere this pricing. So visit now in Delhi Hair Clinic.

Why You Choose Us?

The Hair Transplant in Srinagar is done by professional and experienced doctors some of which are award winner dermatologist. You can expect a reliable and secure hair transplant in this clinic. As you get proper care and quick recovery from any hair problem so it is wise to choose Delhi hair clinic for hair grafting if you are from Srinagar and looking for hair transplant in Srinagar.

If you are looking for the best hair restoration in Srinagar then I hope you gained some idea by now after reading this post. For hair transplantation in Srinagar, go to Bathinda, Punjab and visit Delhi hair clinic that offers the best possible treatment which is recommendable.

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